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PA Trout In the Classroom Announces 2017 Existing Program Recipients

Jun 13, 2017

PA Trout In the Classroom staff and partners are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017 Existing Program Grants. Over 32 participating schools applied for grants this year. However, limited available funds made it impossible for staff to award grants to all applicants. Grants were awarded to 25 schools to help offset the costs associated with Release Day Field Trips and one grant was awarded for equipment replacement.

Congratulations to the following Schools and Partners:

12th and Marion Elementary School

Berlin Brothers Valley School partnering with Mt. Laurel TU

Blacklick Valley School partnering with the Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team

Butler Area School District partnering with Connoquenessing Watershed Alliance

Chambersburg Area Senior High School (2 teachers) partnering with Falling Spring Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Cochranton Jr-Sr High School partnering with Oil Creek Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Columbia High School 

Conemaugh Township MS/HS partnering with the  Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team

Dallas High School partnering with the Luzerne County Conservation District

Divine Mercy Catholic Academy partnering with  Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team

Divine Redeemer School partnering with the Arrowhead Chapter of TU

DuBois Area Middle School partnering with Allegheny Mountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited

East Pennsboro Area Middle School partnering with Cumberland Valley Trout Unlimited

Evans Elementary School

Hazelton Area Academy of Sciences partnering with Western Pocono Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Jersey Shore High Life Skills Support partnering with Lycoming County Conservation District

Lincolnway Elementary School partnering with Codorus Chapter of TU

McKean County Conservation District working with several schools including Bradford High School, Alleghany High School, Otto-Eldred High School, Smethport Elementary and Kane High School

Mifflin County High School partnering with Penns Creek Chapter of TU
Nazareth Area School District 

Saltsburg Middle High School partnering with the Conemaugh Valley Conservancy

Trinity North, South, East and West Elementary Schools partnering with Chestnut Ridge Chapter of TU

Upper Providence Elementary School partnering with Perkiomen Chapter of Trout Unlimited

Wattsburg Area Middle School partnering with Erie County Conservation District

York Suburban Middle School partnering with Starview Sportsman Association

PA TIC staff encourage all participating schools to apply for Existing Program Funds in 2018. As a reminder, please carefully review and respond to all questions in the application and note which activities and equipment are eligible for funding. Staff also want to remind schools to work with their partners to obtain funds and consider other sources within their communities. Visit the Additional Funding Opportunities page for more ideas.

Congratulations again to these schools.


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