Program Resources

TIC Videos

Aquarium Set-up Videos

Trout videos, and what to do when they arrive in your classroom

Aquarium Resource Guide

This guide is a compilation of classroom incubator techniques, guidelines and troubleshooting to be utilized throughout the TIC school year. It guides participants through the trout life cycle, aquarium set-up, classroom trout care, record keeping techniques, troubleshooting and more.

Curriculum Connections (learning resources and activities)

This page provides educational resources from Pennsylvania and nationwide! The resources are in the form of full curriculums; curriculum maps; TIC relevant mini articles; suggested books and webpages; presentations; projects and much more! Teachers can implement these resources as a whole or pull them apart, mix and implement them to suit their classroom educational needs.

Teacher Workshops

This page provides a listing of “Required PA TIC workshops” for new TIC teachers; “Advanced TIC” teacher workshops and other workshops that focus on relevant TIC topics (e.g. Project Learning Tree; Project WILD Aquatic; Watershed education and more).

PATIC Fact Sheet

This fact sheet, updated for the 2019-20 school year, provides the most up-to-date information on the PATIC program overview, classroom objectives, and getting started. It also includes a newly revised timeline based on PATIC's use of Rainbow Trout eggs in place of Brook Trout for the 2019-20 school year, a decision made as part of ongoing PFBC efforts to enhance and protect PA's Wild Brook Trout populations and reduce the presence and impact of gill lice. Learn more about the TIC egg care and science behind this transition back to Rainbow Trout eggs here

PATIC School Websites

This page shares PA TIC classroom websites dedicated to their TIC programs! Check them out and build on your TIC program OR look into creating your own TIC website!

Field Trip Forms and Agendas

Not sure how to set-up a TIC field trip agenda or pull together necessary forms? This page is here to help! The page contains agendas and field trip forms shared by other PA TIC teachers. If you have an agenda you would like to share, email the TIC Program.

Community Connections

TIC is about partnerships and communities pulling together to learn about coldwater resources! All TIC teachers are encouraged to cultivate a working, partnership with a local conservation organization to help implement the TIC program. These organizations are called “Program Partners.” Program partners may be able to help with things from funding your TIC program and/or aquarium set-up, but most importantly can provide educational programs, field trips and watershed project opportunities for your students!

This page provides a list of potential “Program Partners.” Look for one near you!

Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission