PowerPoint Presentations

Fish Health

Powerpoint developed by PFBC’s fish health biologist to help teachers and students understand fish health. Discusses prevention, ”vertical and horizontal transmission”, hosts, parasites and much more!

Measuring Fish Respiration

PowerPoint of fish respiration lab created by US Fish and Wildlife for the “Advanced TIC teacher workshops”

Accompanying Activity and Lab Sheet:
How fish breathe: activity
Respiration lab handout

Osmosis: Using Salt to keep trout healthy

Powerpoint developed by PFBC’s Cooperative Nursery biologist to help TIC teachers understand how salt can help stressed/sick trout.

Accompanying Activity:
Special adaptations to water Addresses the difference between saltwater and freshwater fish; why freshwater fish. Activity using grapes and raisins!


Example powerPoint discussing what macro means; types of macroinvertebrates found in a local watershed and comparison to flies used when fly fishing. – created by Loyalhanna Watershed Association.

Pennsylvania Council of Trout Unlimited Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission